ANZ Panin Bank Card Center Sales Support Web Application

Menyadari bahwa tingkat turnover yang tinggi dan persaingan yang ketat diantara perusahaan – perusahaan dalam memberikan komisi yang tinggi terhadap para "sales people" ini, ANZ Panin Bank ingin menciptakan suatu fasilitas untuk memanage kebutuhan para "sales people" ini dengan baik melalui pengadaan suatu sistem.



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Web Development

Macromedia Shockwave, Director and Flash
GIF Animation
Audio Video Compressions
Creative Graphic Design

Site Architecture Website Management
Daily Information Updates
Image and Animation Changes
Email Management and Reply
Traffic Analysis
Hosting Services
Firewall Protection

Database Development and Construction
Complex HTML Construction
CGI Scripting, Perl, PHP, Active Server Pages (ASP)
Java Technologies
Cold Fusion
Visual Basic C++

T-net is an Intranet solution that allows users to communicate and share files using a simple browser. The basic package includes:
Content Management: This back-end module allows site administrators to publish the latest company news, memos and detailed product knowledge.
Document Management: A principal source for storing various business documents (PDF files are supported) to be shared across the network.
Resource Management: Ideal for managing shared resources such as meeting rooms or other office equipment to name a few.
User Management: A module to control which user can access which section of the intranet.
Address Book: A centralized database for company address book.
Calendaring: A global calendar that showcases the upcoming events and target dates company wide.

T-portal is a portal solution that allows traditional companies to quickly publish their content o­nline. A web portal allows for immediate user feedback and interaction. The basic package includes:
Extensive Content Management: This back-end module allows site administrators to publish, approve, reject, the latest news and features along with graphics as well as automatically archiving old news into a searchable database.
Online Community Building Modules: o­nline tools to build and retain your web community. This includes Chat, Message Boards and Web Questionnaires to name a few.
User Management: A module to administer the users accessing the portal. With registered users, companies will have an accurate demographic of their current market.

T-shop Shop allows users to browse and shop using a simple browser. The basic package includes:
User Management: A module to administer the user/shopper information.
Inventory Management: This back-end module allows site administrators to set a specific amount of products to be sold o­nline. Users will be able to see instantly the availability of their chosen product.
Catalog Management: A module that stores all the available products, complete with photos, to be sold o­nline that will be displayed dynamically o­n the T-Shop.
Shopping Cart: A virtual shopping basket for users to collect their chosen merchandise.
Reporting Module: An o­nline account of the various visitors to the website along with which pages were visited the most.
Online Payment Integration: This secure option allows o­nline payment for purchasing items from the company commissary.

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