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Hello and welcome to the video, today we will show you Omega any replica watches. In 1998, Omega Seamster Diver 300M introduced the first Co-Axial movement, the Cal. 2500. In fact, the mechanism is actually an ETA 2892, modified to feature the brand's Co-Axial escapement - an invention by George Daniels that has been described as the most important step in mechanical watchmaking in the 20th century and for which OMEGA has had the right to use it since 1993. While other models in the brand's collection were already equipped with Co-Axial movements at this time, the replica Omega Seamaster Diver 300M lagged behind to keep the watch's entry-level price.

Seamaster 300M

This is the Seamaster 300M chronometer, and as usual, we start by talking about the internal movement. We get the Omega movement 1120, its base movement is the ETA 2892-A2, this movement is running at 8 beats per second it has 24 jewels, 44 hours of power reserve, steal and wind, date window, this is a chronometer-certified chronometer with an accuracy rating of +/- 10 seconds per day and the watch is tested at +1 second per day for accuracy. Sometimes this watch runs faster, let's move to the specs now, we got the stainless steel case, screw-down crown, and case back with Seamaster logo we got the 120 clicks unidirectional bezel, the case is aluminum, let m for this reason, please remove a pair of gloves because if your fingers slip, the bezel is really thin and you can barely get a good grip on it, we will get very good action, very good action, but I wish in this model Omega would add a distance of 1 mm from the baffle, because what you see is almost no good grip, and the action you see is really very good! Very good! So we also get the hemispherical sapphire crystal, where we have the helium and helium escape-proof crown with 300M water resistance, where we get the Swiss Superluminova, where we have the very nice five links, the solid links, the solid end links, and the very nice Omega mill buckle on the quick release pushers, as you can see here Here we have the logo, so we got a very nice bracelet and don't forget that this Omega Seamaster 300M replica watch is 13 years old.

Omega Seamaster 300m 2221.80.00 Mens Steel

The Seamaster 300M is really nice so we got a nice clasp, let's move now to the dimensions, the weight of the any replica watches are 165g we got the case dimensions: should be 41mm if I grab it correctly the corner, 41mm L2L is: 47.5mm, the thickness is 11.5mm, the strap size is 20mm, also measure the crown Because in my opinion, the crown is a little small, 5.5mm, if your fingers are like for me it's not a problem to open it, but I'm sure some people will my fingers are bigger and I'm sure you will have trouble opening it, so you see we have a very good size, now let's move the wrist, boom! As you can see the watch is very good on my 6.8-inch wrist, very comfortable, not that high at all, sits well, under the bone and over the bone, sits well, well let's remove the watch now, now you can do an outdoor shot and then back here, now you can see the finish of the case, you can see the brushing, the polishing, the look of the bezel in the sunlight and also the bracelet finish, which can be viewed very well. The black and blue dial looks very nice and comfortable in the sun on my 6.8-inch wrist, not very high below the bone and above the bone, then we come back and now we can shoot the glow, let's kill the light as you see the watch charging from the studio light, this is the result, I think the effect is very good, let's raise it a little to show his full glory The glow in Boom, as we see the watch glow very well, you can look at the time and read easily, no problem at all.

Personal Thoughts

I really like this style Omega hands look very cool to me, as I mentioned, this replica watch is 13 years old and Lumen still looks good, now let's turn on the lights guys, so this is the replica Omega Seamaster 300M chronometer, this is a legendary replica watch Omega ( Omega has all the heritage, everybody knows these any replica watches and the newer versions are associated with the James Bond 007 movies, this Seamaster was released in 2007 and as I said, it has 13 years of history, thirteen years of wear and tear and as you can see in my opinion, even with all the scratches on the strap and some scratches on the bezel, the watch The appearance is still very good because as I said sometimes this watch runs fast and runs +4 seconds a day on my watch I think this watch will be 20 years old at the right time and I think it is time to send him to work but you can still wait until he will do 20 seconds a day or even more, it is up to you. If you want this watch you will most likely find it used, I really don't know if you can find it brand new I really don't know, used is around $2,500 to $3,000 depending on the situation guys, it's a great timepiece, it will stay with you a long time, it looks great and it's an Omega replica watch, they have all the tradition of divers and chronographs sent to the moon, so Omega makes very good any replica watches, one life if you ask me if I have to choose Omega or Rolex, I would always choose Omega, maybe it's a taste point I don't know but I really like Omega more than Rolex.

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